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Jonathan Martin

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                Art was originally an escape for me. It took me away from abuse, neglect, and the feeling of being misplaced then engaged me in a world where there were no problems just my wildest dreams.  Whether through a word document or through doodles on what I thought was sheet of loose leaf paper but actually was my fathers paycheck, I was a God for a moment while I was creating and barricading myself from the world. Then Adolescence came; things changed: my situation, my body, my thought process, and my imagination. I was now erratically having day dreams about sticking my face in Halle Berrys bosom, but thing that changed the most thought was my experiences through race or (The Black Experience. ) What was my response? It was the same, Escape!
                Eventually the experiences started finding their way into my sketch pads and Journals. The older I became the more blunt I was and thats when I met my mentor Mr. Kelsey. The Art and stories I were producing were all heavy on Social issues and my perceptions of them, particularly racism. He enjoyed my work but felt it was missing something. I thought more boobs; he thought more comedy. Thats when I started mixing it up to make people laugh as well as think. However, everything I was doing was still private. I had been so introverted and the idea of speaking about racism openly had become sort of taboo, unless you were Jesse Jackson or Spike Lee of course.
                This when my mentor intervened, he explained that the stories and drawings I was creating had meaning and that they needed to reach beyond an audience of two. He explained that black people arent represented in multimedia well, if at all, and there are stories that should be told from a different perspective -- not the just majority. When he said these things to me I looked at him sideways because it was coming from a short, pale, old white man whom I was sure had never experienced the things I have. Not only that, this was the first time I ever heard a white person openly sympathize with a black person on the subject of race.
                This is when art stopped being an escape and starting becoming a pillar for me.  Since then Ive written and completed a  fantasy novel that I plan to publish while storyboarding, splicing my style of Comedic Storytelling with Fantasy and Social Commentary. Hiding the message in plain sight for all to see; attempting to teach and give a different perspective on subjects. Sometimes, even going back to my blunter side but still trying to make a deeper point. The things Ive produced is a direct result of some of my positive or negative experiences that alot of people would take with a grain of salt and or try to pretend it didnt happen. My art is me refusing to go back to that. Hoping to teach through my art like Spike Lee, maybe with my work making it into a publication of some sort, hopefully one like The Huffington Post. I believe that learning from our fellow man no matter what he looks like is essential to peace and harmony on this plane of existence. If I have learned anything from other artists through books, movies, cartoons, and comics it is that running away from nagging issues only prolongs the problems. Also, I found that even if people don't necessarily get my point of view or commentary there's always the comedic side of my work, I do always enjoy making people laugh. 

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Bobby and The cow - cinematic for  TV. animation
Setting: Farm off road somewhere Middle America around sun set
Two little boys around the age of 10 run up and hide behind a wooden fence. One sternly peeking over.
Billy(has a black eye): Ok there SHE is. Remember just tip and run Bobby!
Bobby: Got it Billy.
The two boys jump the fence run as fast as they can and tip over a cow.
While making a break for it Bobby hears a loud scream and shouts.
****: Dear lord! My leg oh God Why! WHY?
Bobby stops and looks back and sees the cow flailing and feels bad for it. More importantly curious, of how she can talk and runs back.
Bobby: Are you ok
Cow: NO, IM NOT OK! Why would you do that Robert!
Bobby: You know me?
Cow: Of course bobby how else would I know your name Bobby! (Bobby is shocked)  Is this how you get your kicks hmmm? Pushing down defenseless cows! I know your mother has taught you better!
Bobby: I’m sorry
Cow: Sorry? You’re sorry bobby? You’re not sorry bobby you’re an ungrateful little twerp!
Bobby: (tries to pet her) I’m sorry I so sorry….
Cow: do you like cereal Bobby?
Bobby: (pauses) uhhh… yea?
Cow: What do you put in your cereal Bobby?
Bobby: milk.
Cow: Where does that milk come from Bobby?!
Bobby:  uuuhhhh
Cow: It came from me Bobby! From my sweet, nurturing teets bobby, that YOU People squeeze, yank and ABUSE every God damned morning!
Bobby looks sad.
CUT TO Billy panting and hiding behind another gate huffing laughing.
Billy: Got her good Bobby?....Bobby? BOBBY! (looks over the fence and see’s Bobby Talking to the cow)
Billy: Oh crap!
Cutback to Bobby speaking to the cow
Cow: Do you know who Big Diego is Bobby?
Bobby: No
Look over there Bobby she points in the opposite direction.
Bobby looks. It’s a huge bucking bull.
Do you know what they make Big Diego do to me!?
Bobby: No
Cow: It’s horrible. It’s like the rocks arm! And now I cannot get a good night’s sleep because UNAPPRECIATIVE LIL knobs like you want to play tip the cow! You know what…
The cow holds up her hoof in his direction. Bobby looks confused.
Bobby: …What?
COW: I’m flipping you off but I don’t have fingers Bobby!
Bobby feels totally ashamed and awkward about the situation.
Bobby: I’m really, really sorry.
 Cow: Well the least you can do is help me up, my back legs gone numb.
Bobby: Ok.
Bobby help pushes the cow to her feet. BILLY RUNS UP SCREAMING NO And as soon as she get on her feet she donkey kicks Bobby in the face. Bobby begins to cry hysterically.
Cow: Take that human child! I am so tired of you apes AND your ice cold hands AND your metal hot  prod And  YOUR SICK BULL FETISHES! Tired of you guys getting over on us peaceful serene mammals! I’m not taking you shit anymore. NOT ANYMORE, I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH! I WILL HAVE MY REVEN.....
Cut to Bobby with a black eye and Billy both enjoying a double cheese burger.


Week one:  Story & Characters designs
Week two: Backgrounds layout & Storyboards (5)
Week three: Voice acting, Background layout, Story Boards (10)
Week four: story board (20)
Week five: story board (40)
Week six: Story board (60)
Week seven: Story Board (80)
Week eight: Storyboard (90)
Week nine: Finishing touches
Week ten: Finishing touches

  • Physical 3D Booth Mock up

  • (Printed and Signed) Signature Sheet

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